Proper Cob Enviable Colt Available

Our purebred gypsy vanner baby this year is a top quality specimen for sure.  He is now three months old and thinks he is the cat’s meow himself, thank you very much!  He hangs with our 12 hand tall half gypsy pony, QT (Quite The Pony) and apparently is tolerated to an amazing degree; he looks very bossy at times with her and with our very nice half gypsy, half mini colt, Lil’ Lex.  But never fear,  we have found they soon settle down after this stage and age and become calmer and very sensible like a gypsy horse is supposed to be, and are easy to handle weanlings.

proper cob, dressage quality

Truffles' 2011 colt likes to hang with "QT" and "Lil' Lex" and mom

Update 2-25-2012:
“Cool Rush” is getting bigger and more beautiful as he grows.  He went to a couple of gypsy horse shows in the fall here in the midwest, Indiana and Iowa, and did very well.  We are proud to offer him to a discriminating buyer.
gypsy horse colt

Growing well, he's a high quality colt.

gypsy horse

He's sure to have a winning mustache as he matures; not all yearlings get mustaches!

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