Fruity Friday

Well, I need to get a picture of my horses enjoying the fruits of fall…the orchard has a lot of pear trees, and buckets of them end up on the ground and deteriorating faster than Grandma Block can get them made into preserves like canned pears, pear butter, etc.  So Grampa spends a lot of time picking up pears and bringing them over to the barnyard.  Now usually he gives a couple buckets of fruit a day to our five head of cattle, and they start moo-ing, running for the gate and getting excited about hearing his truck coming as soon as he turns into the lane, and it is a long lane of about 1/4 mile from the road back up to the barnyard.  My new neighbor this year has called me in the last couple weeks, asking if we need help getting any loose stock back in, they just couldn’t imagine what the ruckus was all about!

But I started out this post thinking about how the horses get this treat once in a while, too, and I need to get a picture of them with their eyes half closed rather in ecstacy, enjoying that sweet juice coming from crunching on that pear!  Actually I suppose the cows have a similar look on their face when eating pears, but I think the horses are a little more obvious about it.

Pears have a long history as part of this farm, there have been pear trees at different parts of the residence areas for probably 100 years.  When my husband was a child, they bought a pony for him and his sister, who ended up being a pasture pet more than being ridden.  He developed a real sweet tooth I am told, being fed things like jelly beans and such.  But in the fall, his passion was pears fallen over the fence into the pasture, and unfortunately was part of his sad story with laminitis and founder.  This is the real threat to food-efficient yet glutonous ponies…they cannot be simply left out on lush pasture as they frequently succumb to laminitis from over-eating.  Lesson for today, that will be expounded on some other time….


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