Patience of a Saint–Revisited

I think I am going to be earning credit for having the patience of a saint soon, in addition to my fine gypsy stallion, Lexington (AKA Boho’s Cold Fusion)!

Me and the photo program on wordpress have not come to an understanding.  I upload/insert best I can figure out how to do it, and it just seems to ignore things after I have almost gotten thru with a post and just does it’s own thing!  The first part of this, the main story, just got swallowed up in a photo title for some unknown reason, and even swallowed up a photo whole, I just don’t know why it screwed it up so much.

So, I have a couple more photos to share, I’ve given up for tonight and will just plug them in here:

gypsy pony mini vanner

Coming into the home stretch of cleanupYearlings get shornGood little mini gypsy filly


miniature gypsy horse

Desi and Ha'Penny next to dad

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