Patience of a Saint

burdock gypsy cob horses vanners

All burrs all dayA few days ago I shared a picture of my bunch of naughty ponies who had broken thru my lot fence and into the old sheep paddock. Well, I had been trying to work the chore of cutting out the burdock for the past month, but the time never seemed to make itself available. Mid July would have been best to get in there and simply cut down those growing weeds and put them on the burn pile. But no, they had to keep maturing and set on a nice crop of seeds. And really, it was not a terrible patch to manage; it might have taken a couple hours to clean up the area but here the ponies had decided to make a fashion statement and it was going to take much more time to pick out those burrs from manes, tails and FEATHER! Deep breath. Today was the day we needed to get this taken care of . The farrier was coming at 9 a.m. and I knew he would not be impressed with trying to trim hooves while working around scratchy, sticky ponies. Of course the stallion in all his glory had to receive special treatment. He was left for last because we decided he didn't need a trim today, his feet were still in pretty good shape. Guess all that road work in August was good for lots of reasons! Let me interrupt my story with saying I am posting my picture again because I don't understand what the program did with it at the beginning of my post. I do want people to be able to see the enormity of the challenge of cleanup. Okay, so the farrier got to work with clean ponies because I decided I just did not have the fortitude to clean them up in the usual way. Even with going thru with butchering the manes and tails on the yearlings, it took more than an hour. So while the farrier was trimming the first half of the 9 horses he worked on, the yearlings were getting shorn. I did not have a camera with me in the morning, but in the afternoon later when we finally tackled Lexington and the last yearling, by the time I got busy with pictures it was getting dark. But, I did want to share some pictures to show why I appreciate my Lex stallion (BoHo's Cold Fusion) SO MUCH! He tolerated pulling on mane, forelock, tail, and all four legs which was a process of TWO HOURS, with only a minimal amount of fidgeting. Okay, by the end of that time he expressed his opinion of the whole thing by evacuating stool and urine, but on the whole, he was an angel. I really have a hard time thinking of any time he has been bad, oh, yeah, except for leaning on the fences last week when he learned he could reach some tall grass and weeds to chew on, and eventually pushing a cattle panel loose so he could lead all the ponies into the weed patch. Yeah, that was a bad pony!!!! But he certainly is the best natured horse I've ever been around, and smart, and listens, is making an amazing driving pony who I could see doing so well in CDE events and such. And his hair quality is exceptional all over his body, being non-fading black and ready to show all year long with no special treatment. Even after this episode of being covered with burrs and the aggravation of having to pull them all out; he had minimal hair breakage and loss, and really with a good wash up is ready to take to a show tomorrow! I just love this pony! About half way thru the cleanup

Gypsy vanner horse cob Irish tinker

Home stretch for clean up

Bohemian Gypsy Cob mini vanner

Tail End!

Bohemian Gypsy Cob Pony Mini Vanner

Rosie models the new bobtail draft pony look

gypsy pony cross mini gypsies

Cleaned up ponies

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