Activism in Action

My friend Ray comments in his blog about some issues that are in the current events in his area of the world.  But he brings up a point that is relative to how people react to agriculture issues overall, and how in ends up affecting our pocketbooks; as well as changing the way some things are done, not necessarily for the better of the majority but because a minority has made a big stink about something.

Here is a link about a recent story that will not make the local news, but gives evidence that there ARE activists out there who in general are looked at from the public agriculture side as most likely connected to an organized group such as HSUS or PETA; people who are fanatics about perceived wrongs of some practice related to an animal, and their mission (similar to the terrorists who attacked on 9/11) to do what they can to create a change.  Unfortunately, they don’t go about it from a fully informed and educated viewpoint, they strap on the bombs and go to work for the virgins awaiting them on the other side.

Prepare yourself if you attempt to read the attached story PLUS all it’s responses….there are many passionate supporters of the idea horses should NOT be slaughtered; but their voices are important nonetheless.


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