Humane Society

HSUS does not benefit your local humane society.  A tiny part of their budget supports animal rescue; the great majority of the money that people give when they see those terribly heart-rending ads showing those poor animals, is directed at either domestic terror tactics against your food producers, or generating more money to keep the pockets full of the huge management organization.

If you want to donate to shelters, do so directly, in your own backyard as it were, local shelters are always needing donations.  In a similar vein, choose the Salvation Army to donate for human benefits.  Everyone always forgets the Salvation Army and it’s budget greatly returns to your local community members.  Take care of your family and neighbors FIRST.


I had started this as a draft and saved the above several days ago.  Today, I find this current news story:

Wow, the heat is really on! 

In the wake of the President signing the recent bill in November than opened doors for horse slaughter to rear its head again in this whole mix of animal rights issues, we need to thoroughly examine what is of real value for the majority!  But for now, please read the information at these links!

PS:  So, I recently dropped the website I had where there was a lengthy page that discussed the history of HSUS and why so many of its recent actions were just wrong.  Do people want to read that?  It included info on the original recorded goals of HSUS to include elimination of all animal husbandry.

Here’s an interesting little story:

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