Why Horse Slaughter?

People growing up close to the land, living with life and death daily share stories such as this:


I hope to share results in the next several days of my research into several aspects of what alternatives there are to horse slaughter as an answer to the question of how we should handle the end of our equine’s lives.  This question is not equal for everyone; the individual owner’s situation in life is going to dictate how they perceive the answers to this question. 

My understanding is, that few people actually own a horse from the time of his birth to the time of passing from this world.  When we have to move a loved animal on to a new owner, we of course hope for the best kind of fulfilling life for that animal.  In reality, animals have a hard time finding a forever home.  Personally, I cannot think of anyone besides my sister who has been able to plan for the birth of a horse and keep it to the bitter end.  It is always hard to face the inevitable end to life.


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