2016 Colts


The photos above show the parentage of our 2016 colts offered for sale.  Hapenny is our half gypsy mare that is 38″ tall.  She is registered with the International Gypsy Equine Association registry.  Their website is:


The first colt from this mating is Bellbottom Tupenny.  He is listed in the stallion page of IGEA website.


We had just a couple good colts to put on the market born in 2016:

Bellbottom Quasar Echo


Echo was born in May 2016 and will be approximately 11 hands tall when mature.  He is a great combination of his parents (Tupenny x our half gypsy mare Angelica) and brings much of the gypsy traits forward into a smaller package just as he was meant to do.  We hope he is a grand ambassador for the future mini gypsy as a breed in North America.

Below are farm pictures of Echo at different stages when he was growing up.  If I can figure out editing better I will get them arranged in a more organized fashion.  His friend after weaning is the purebred gypsy colt that I purchased from MHB gypsy cob ponies in Wisconsin, MHB Risky Business, who is a very small purebred gypsy from imported stock to make 12 hands tall.





SEVEN OAKS FARM MINIATURE THERAPY HORSES PROJECT!   Thank you to Lisa Ann Moad and we hope to hear great things about Echo’s success as a therapy pony!


Also in 2016 our mare Hapenny produced a full sibling to Tupenny (Echo’s sire):

Bellbottom Special Edition “Eddie”

The Executive  x Bellbottom Hapenny

born March 9, 2016; Piebald color or black pinto with excellent feather factor.

Eddie is available for sale $3000.  He will be an awesome pony to mature in the 11.2 to 12 hand range.  He has the most beautiful doll face and big eyes.





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  1. Wendy

     /  March 7, 2017

    Are there any gyspy or blend black and white Colts near Washington state? What prices do they usually start out at?
    Thank you for any help

    • Hello thank you for comment. My babies will average starting $3000 this year for 3/4 quality gypsy blends. In Oregon there are two families that breed pony blends and they use the mini gypsy groups on Facebook to interact with public as far as I know; neither of them have websites to my knowledge. Please look up my group Mini Gypsy Horse or the IGEA group for members and those who have interest in registered blends: Minigypsy@ International Gypsy Equine Association

    • Also I hope that more of the blends or purebreds make their way onto the IGEA website on their sales page. There are a few stallions listed so far for stud service but it seems the sales page has been slow to get attention. Even I keep forgetting to post there!



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