Choosing a purely Cob Pony

Decided to take some photos today, it has been raining fairly often this past week and the horses have nothing but mud in their feed area, thankfully the cement lot is there to feed them treats!  They were sorely disappointed I did not offer anything tasty but only took pictures.  Remember, you can click on a photo to bring up the big size for viewing.

The big riding horses come first for attention but in the series of photos I want you to end up focusing on the cob ponies.  Everything under 14 hands is nothing but cob breeding….two black mares, weanling filly you can’t see much of, and two 2 year olds under 12 hands.

Which one appeals to you the most?


Today is Tuesday…

My goal for Tuesday posts is to bring in someone other than myself to present a topic for the day.  I want to invite people who have special talents or gifts to showcase what they know.  My mother-in-law is an amazing cook and is retired from a career as a Home Economics teacher, which has become something rather lost in today’s educational system.  She spends every summer enjoying the work of having a huge garden, and starts canning jellies even before fruit of any kind is ripening.  This year she made dandelion jelly which I had never had before, and surprisingly, to me it tasted very much like honey!  I think people such as MaryAnn Block have so much to share!

I hope that you will enjoy visiting my page on Tuesdays to see my special guest for the day.