Spam and I’m not talking food

Frustrated Friday night by running into junk and possible virus while trying to post and refresh some horses for sale on internet sale sites. One site has a ton of new “fake” horses listed which is easier to decipher probably with the gypsy horses especially since some of the beautiful pictures they steal and give fake names to with posting for sale are actually rather well known already among the gypsy horse community, anyway. I just can’t imagine the rewards for all the time spent messing up web pages….


Hello and welcome

Wow, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a real blog!  It has seemed to be so intimidating for me to take this on even tho I have admired others who have had their blogs going on for a few years now.

But when I attended the recent AgChat seminar I made the commitment to become a blogger as a means to communicate with others who might be interested in agriculture issues or my family’s life on our farm; so here goes!

By the way, I want to give thanks to some people involved with the recent AgChat seminar.  There are so many but of course I need to start out with Jan Hoadley (, who made sure I got there;  Mike Haley, Ray Prock (, Jeff Howle (, Drew Bender, Darin Grimm (, JohnLindsey Blue (,  Michele Payn Knoper, Katie Pinkie (, Amy Sipes (, Janic e Person (, Ryan Goodman ( and Kathy McComb Swift.  I apologize to those whom I did not find your link information quickly…hopefully I can become more smooth and thorough as I work thru learning blogging!

I did want to thank Katie Pinke especially for a wonderful jar of honey from her area of the country!  Go check out her blog!

and a couple others who shared in their blogs after the Agchat 2011 event:

This is a great blog piece about conference as well: