Public Relations

Bellbottom Farm presented our boys at this year’s Illinois Horse Fair on Stallion Row.  This video clip was taken from Sunday’s performance.  It’s not Hollywood quality but I hope you are able to enjoy looking at our ponies for a bit:


We enjoy getting out among those who may not have many chances to be near horses these days.  So far this has mostly involved local parades or special events we might find out about; so if you have an idea you would like to have us as part of your next event, feel free to contact us at 309-540-0181.

We were pleased to be able to give a birthday pony ride September 1, 2011 to a 103 years young spry lady who could still climb into the cart; a very memorable day for all.   In addition to horse shows, we have participated for the last few years in area horse fairs with stallion exhibition and the local FFA petting zoo as well.  Enjoy the photos below:

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  1. Terry Asher

     /  July 12, 2012

    I am very pleased to have found your site. I have long been interested in how to breed down the gypsy look into miniatures. We have a small miniature breeding operation in Nebraska and use them to show, visit nursing homes, day cares, etc; Last Christmas we had 2 helping the Salvation Army ring bells at a mall in Lincoln. We also have begun driving and I would love to see AMHR allow a place for mini Gypsy’s. I will email them and encourage them to do so. I would be interested in any small mares that may be available for breeding to one of our stallions.
    Terry Asher
    SAsher’s Miniatures

    • Thank you for letting me know of your interest! You are welcome to call me and discuss any particular questions you might have.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. Great to hear from you and hope to work with you in future!

    • Hello, Terry. Currently trying to start a bit of catch up in my blog presence. I have been mostly busy in the past year with and plan to do several updates there in the next few weeks. Thank you for your interest in the new mini gypsy.


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