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I’m joining the postaday challenge

I want to try to maintain writing a post on my blog every day.  I hope that you will enjoy my endeavors


Hello and welcome

Wow, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a real blog!  It has seemed to be so intimidating for me to take this on even tho I have admired others who have had their blogs going on for a few years now.

But when I attended the recent AgChat seminar I made the commitment to become a blogger as a means to communicate with others who might be interested in agriculture issues or my family’s life on our farm; so here goes!

By the way, I want to give thanks to some people involved with the recent AgChat seminar.  There are so many but of course I need to start out with Jan Hoadley (, who made sure I got there;  Mike Haley, Ray Prock (, Jeff Howle (, Drew Bender, Darin Grimm (, JohnLindsey Blue (,  Michele Payn Knoper, Katie Pinkie (, Amy Sipes (, Janic e Person (, Ryan Goodman ( and Kathy McComb Swift.  I apologize to those whom I did not find your link information quickly…hopefully I can become more smooth and thorough as I work thru learning blogging!

I did want to thank Katie Pinke especially for a wonderful jar of honey from her area of the country!  Go check out her blog!

and a couple others who shared in their blogs after the Agchat 2011 event:

This is a great blog piece about conference as well: