Vegetarian for a Cause

My understanding is that a great number of people who are involved in animal rights activism are vegetarian or some variation of it because they believe that this is the more perfect way to live life as a human; and since they believe this way of life is better for humanity, it just makes sense that they should stand up for the animals who are consumed and try to “free them”, in any way shape or form that they can accomplish.  And that means animal agriculture is evil and deserving of whatever results ensue from their efforts to free the animals.

The fact  is that humanity has had eons to prove that they can live without some variety of reliance on meat protein.  But in reality, basicly, humans have always been lazy.  It’s really hard to get your physical needs met with a vegetable diet.  Modern people rely on supplements/vitamins.   Another personal gripe I have is that  modern vegetarians  seldom proudly proclaim when I have been around, “I grow a big garden every year and live in a sustainable way without using animal products!”   Yet my farm family and many others have a large garden that provides a great portion of the food we eat throughout the year, including meat and eggs.  Where there is a will there is a way, and urban gardens need to be the focus for the future.  But that is another day’s topic.

Today we look at whether humans can be vegetarians:



Today is Tuesday…

My goal for Tuesday posts is to bring in someone other than myself to present a topic for the day.  I want to invite people who have special talents or gifts to showcase what they know.  My mother-in-law is an amazing cook and is retired from a career as a Home Economics teacher, which has become something rather lost in today’s educational system.  She spends every summer enjoying the work of having a huge garden, and starts canning jellies even before fruit of any kind is ripening.  This year she made dandelion jelly which I had never had before, and surprisingly, to me it tasted very much like honey!  I think people such as MaryAnn Block have so much to share!

I hope that you will enjoy visiting my page on Tuesdays to see my special guest for the day.