2016 Foals Expected!

We used our mini gypsy development studs for herd sires starting in 2015.

Bellbottom July Sparkler 34″ tall sired by Wyatt an 11.3 hand tall purebred gypsy cob; and
Bellbottom Tuppenny Horse, ten hands tall 3/4 gypsy (mom is Hapenny) and sired by The Executive.

Look up their videos on my Chevreherd account on YouTube:


Mares at Chevreherd and expected foal dates:

Hapenny (1/2 sired by Cold Fusion), black bred to homozygous black pinto The Executive, due in March 2016
Dolly (1/2 sired by Toymakker), piebald x piebald Tuppenny due end of March
Sisters (1/2 by Cold Fusion) Angelica and Sera, piebald x piebald Tuppenny–April
BonBon, piebald x bay Sparky due April
Belladonna Cat Burglar (chestnut pinto x black pinto Tuppenny due May
Bandera Athenry, piebald x piebald Tuppenny due May
Stardust (1/2 by Wyatt) silver blanket appy x Tuppenny due June
Two AMHR mares one cremello and one silver dapple, due June by Tuppenny
Bellbottom M&M 3/4 (sire Executive mom QT by Toymakker) possibly in foal to bay pinto Wyatt son for late summer 2016
Bellbottom Cobbled Blossom 3/4 (Wyatt x Rosie by Cold Fusion) Bay x Blue pinto Tiny (1/2–sire Executive) – possibly in foal


Gentle Family Pony


Bellbottom Farm is invested in the process of creating a new breed of miniature horse; a truly miniature gypsy horse that reflects the wonderful qualities of the full size wagon horse; sweet and gentle temperament—these horses want to interact with humans!  Beauty that is taken for granted….Intelligence that is so forgiving.  It makes them the perfect family horse.  Strong sturdy build that is also athletic.  Totally balanced animal inside and out.  The dream is possible!

Pasture pics 10/24/2012

Our gypsy cob stallion, The Executive, with a few of our mares (don’t forget if you click on a photo you can see a larger version).

Choosing a purely Cob Pony

Decided to take some photos today, it has been raining fairly often this past week and the horses have nothing but mud in their feed area, thankfully the cement lot is there to feed them treats!  They were sorely disappointed I did not offer anything tasty but only took pictures.  Remember, you can click on a photo to bring up the big size for viewing.

The big riding horses come first for attention but in the series of photos I want you to end up focusing on the cob ponies.  Everything under 14 hands is nothing but cob breeding….two black mares, weanling filly you can’t see much of, and two 2 year olds under 12 hands.

Which one appeals to you the most?


The winter supply of hay for the ponies is all ready for the winter cold and snow to set in.

Patience of a Saint–Revisited

I think I am going to be earning credit for having the patience of a saint soon, in addition to my fine gypsy stallion, Lexington (AKA Boho’s Cold Fusion)!

Me and the photo program on wordpress have not come to an understanding.  I upload/insert best I can figure out how to do it, and it just seems to ignore things after I have almost gotten thru with a post and just does it’s own thing!  The first part of this, the main story, just got swallowed up in a photo title for some unknown reason, and even swallowed up a photo whole, I just don’t know why it screwed it up so much.

So, I have a couple more photos to share, I’ve given up for tonight and will just plug them in here:

gypsy pony mini vanner

Coming into the home stretch of cleanupYearlings get shornGood little mini gypsy filly


miniature gypsy horse

Desi and Ha'Penny next to dad

Hello and welcome

Wow, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a real blog!  It has seemed to be so intimidating for me to take this on even tho I have admired others who have had their blogs going on for a few years now.

But when I attended the recent AgChat seminar I made the commitment to become a blogger as a means to communicate with others who might be interested in agriculture issues or my family’s life on our farm; so here goes!

By the way, I want to give thanks to some people involved with the recent AgChat seminar.  There are so many but of course I need to start out with Jan Hoadley (SlowMoneyFarm.com), who made sure I got there;  Mike Haley, Ray Prock (raylindairy.wordpress.com), Jeff Howle (commonsenseagriculture.com), Drew Bender, Darin Grimm (AgChat.org), JohnLindsey Blue (Trufflemedia.com),  Michele Payn Knoper, Katie Pinkie (pinkepost.blogspot.com), Amy Sipes (www.johnscustommeats.com), Janic e Person (feedstuffsfoodlink.com), Ryan Goodman (agricultureproud.com) and Kathy McComb Swift.  I apologize to those whom I did not find your link information quickly…hopefully I can become more smooth and thorough as I work thru learning blogging!

I did want to thank Katie Pinke especially for a wonderful jar of honey from her area of the country!  Go check out her blog!

and a couple others who shared in their blogs after the Agchat 2011 event:


This is a great blog piece about conference as well: