Vegetarian for a Cause

My understanding is that a great number of people who are involved in animal rights activism are vegetarian or some variation of it because they believe that this is the more perfect way to live life as a human; and since they believe this way of life is better for humanity, it just makes sense that they should stand up for the animals who are consumed and try to “free them”, in any way shape or form that they can accomplish.  And that means animal agriculture is evil and deserving of whatever results ensue from their efforts to free the animals.

The fact  is that humanity has had eons to prove that they can live without some variety of reliance on meat protein.  But in reality, basicly, humans have always been lazy.  It’s really hard to get your physical needs met with a vegetable diet.  Modern people rely on supplements/vitamins.   Another personal gripe I have is that  modern vegetarians  seldom proudly proclaim when I have been around, “I grow a big garden every year and live in a sustainable way without using animal products!”   Yet my farm family and many others have a large garden that provides a great portion of the food we eat throughout the year, including meat and eggs.  Where there is a will there is a way, and urban gardens need to be the focus for the future.  But that is another day’s topic.

Today we look at whether humans can be vegetarians:



Thirsty Thursday

The theme for today will probably through time encompass lots of concepts, related to hunger and thirst.  Food and agriculture should be my focus after my recent AgChat conference experience where I got lots of good advice and training about social media opportunities, as well as met so many great people; but people also thirst for other things….many people think of thirst for power, for example.  But  today I focus on my personal recognition of my thirst for success (financial).  I have always tried to be a really good person.  But sometimes it seems like being a good person does not help you be successful in life, which has always puzzled me greatly.  So I continue to ponder.  But at this point in my life I am devoting tons of energy and focus towards making my dream of the miniature gypsy horse come into being.  I am amazed when I run into opposition to the idea.  But that is a really long term effort on my and my family’s part.  And I have to be thankful for the successes (non-financial)  in life which I have had, including being blessed to have a supportive family.

Short term goals for being successful right now include being involved with a business family I am really impressed with:  Visalus.

This company, Visalus, has amazing people as leaders.  The primary product of the company is a protein (soy) based powder meal replacement that is of the highest quality available within the competitive market.  This recent few months have seen a bunch of athletes and body builders get involved, because of the opportunities the product and the company offer.   Personally, I and my family use the protein Vi-shake to help limit calories since we are “easy keepers” like our cob ponies….but it is a product that is a nutritional supplement not only for those who want to build muscle mass, but those who need to maintain muscle mass without the extra calories, those with health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol or digestive issues such as post gastric surgery.  But the most magical thing about the Vi-shake product is that is tastes SO GOOD!  and of course, you can use it as the basis for a multitude of fruity or frozen shakes to build variety in your diet (as well as adding it into other food dishes to add nutritional value!).

To find out a little bit more about Visalus, please visit my website:

And to see one of the three founders of Visalus at work, watch this:  (I guess making flip videos and driving is not against the law in California!)

I am also currently involved in a CEO course offered by another of the three founders of Visalus (Ryan Blair), and at the beginning I am being reminded of the things that make people successful:  unwavering commitment to success.  I will likely be sharing some of these Youtube videos quite often because they really do contain information that cannot be disputed contain great advice for anyone.  But it reinforces why I believe Visalus is a great company and I agree with Blake Mallen in his video above; this company is going far.  I invite you to join with me on the ride!